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antibot-revolution: Thousands of tumblr blogs being hit and…


of tumblr blogs being hit and terminated by tumblr bots on daily basis , Claimed
as a spam accounts without any reason . In most cases writing Tumblr support
leads to nowhere and there is no human response !

We are a
group of independed bloggers decided to take an action and make a change !

We’re all
have to show tumblr that regular users have the real power , Tumblr users
should decide which blogs to follow , They can’t decide for us ! We’re asking
Tumblr to STOP Deleting accounts without any reason and restore accounts that
was deleted by mistake by Tumblr BOTS !

support US if you’re blog or your favorite blog you was following also was hit
by Tumblr BOT

REBLOG This To Support US.

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